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Case Results

Over the past 15 years, Charles Brandt and Kyle Sherman have collected over Fifty-Five Million Dollars in verdicts and settlements, ranging from small cases to multimillion dollar cases because we understand that the most important case to a client is their own case. We have represented injured workers, accident victims and patients who have been betrayed by the Doctors they put their trust in.  We also understand that some victims want their day in court, while other victims would rather settle their disputes without the pressure of a court room.  The Lafayette personal injury lawyers at Brandt & Sherman are here to serve the interests of our clients, not our own.

$4.3 Million Verdict

Million verdict for bad faith breach of contract between an oil supplier and a refinery.

$3 Million Settlement

Worker sustained burn injury at paper plant due to negligence of manager at paper plant.

$2 Million settlement

One vehicle accident with passenger receiving a traumatic brain injury.

$1.67 Million Verdict

Million verdict for malicious prosecution brought against the United States of America for falsely prosecuting a refinery operator for violations of environmental law.

$1.6 Million settlement

Wrongful death claim of offshore worker who was a victim of a boating crash.

$1.445 Million settlement

Pedestrian hit by a drunk driver causing multiple injuries including a cerebral contusion, bilateral hip socket fractures, multiple rib fractures and a fracture of a thoracic vertebrae.

$1.45 Million Settlement

Oil field worker injured in Texas due to fault in design of drilling rig who had severe leg injury, resulted in settlement of $1,450,000.

$1.2 Million settlement

Construction worker who was recovering from back surgery gets hit again and re-injures his back before he had finished recovering from surgery.

$1.05 Million settlement

City worker driving lawn mower on street, struck by automobile. Back injury resulting in surgery.

$1 Million Settlement

Helicopter crash where oil field worker working for an instrument testing company crashed in helicopter. Sustained post-traumatic stress disorder and had a un-operated ruptured disc.

$850,000 Settlement

A truck driver, who was changing a flat tire on the shoulder of Interstate 10, was struck by a large tow truck resulting in neck and back injuries requiring surgery.

$750,000 Settlement

Medical records secretary t-boned by DirectTV had lumbar surgery, resulting in a $750,000 settlement.

$700,000 Settlement

Oil worker injured in helicopter crash offshore sustained injuries consisting of post-traumatic stress disorder and an un-operated disc herniation resulting in a $700,000 settlement.

$625,000 Settlement

High School student rear ended resulting in a back injury with a surgery recommendation that student elected not to have. Settlement after plaintiff rests at trial.

$490,000 Settlement

Offshore worker involved in boating accident resulting in cervical spine injury requiring surgery. Worker was ultimately able to return to offshore work.

$445,000 Settlement

Bartender hit by car, operated disc, awarded $445,000.

$135,000 Settlement

Carpal tunnel surgery from car wreck, jury verdict of $135,000.

$295,815 Settlement

Healthcare service worker sustained low back injury in a single vehicle motor vehicle accident while on the job. Insurance company also paid $186,000.00 in workers comp benefits prior to settlement.

$186,000 Settlement

Workers comp benefits prior to settlement.

Judgment Awarded Maximum Death Benefits, Maximum Penalties, and Attorney Fees.

Worker’s Compensation Verdict for death claim of a worker. Claim was denied.

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